With Facebook’s constantly changing privacy policies, it can be tricky to know just what information you are putting out there when you use the world’s largest social Facebooknetwork. We’ve put together a list of some of the biggest concerns and how you can protect your identity while still connecting with your friends and favorite brands.

Concern #1 – Everyone can see everything you are doing.

Solution – While the default privacy settings created by Facebook will allow any user to see your photos, basic information and interests; it’s actually easy to control what people see when they look at your facebook profile.

Here’s how to lock-down your privacy on Facebook:

Facebook YouTube LinkClick above for a video tutorial from Facebook!
Note – keep your “can comment on my post” option set to everyone. Otherwise if you post on a business page, they won’t be able to respond back!

Concern #2- If I like a page, they will have the same access as my facebook “friends”

Solution – “Liking” a page on facebook provides businesses no additional access to your information.  The company will only be able to see the same information as someone who searched your name and isn’t your friend.  Again, if you have set your privacy settings to a level that you are comfortable with, you should be free to “like” away.

Concern #3 – Facebook tells companies everything that I am doing.

Solution – Facebook does keep information about everyone who has an account but your individual information isn’t sold or traded to any company.  Instead, facebook combines your data with everyone else’s and creates an anonymous database.  Advertisers can’t pull out individual data or target individuals.

If you feel like the ads on the side of your page are very targeted towards you, it’s because companies can select the habits, locations or preferences they want to advertise to.  For example, if you like a particular business’ page, you may receive ads for that company because they are advertising to everybody who “likes” their page.

Do you have any other concerns that you would like us to target?  Let us know in the comment section of this post.

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