It’s another 13 days until we get more Husker football.  In the meantime, here are some of the best sites on the web to tide you over.

Big Ten Network – We haven’t been able to stop gushing over the amount of exclusive content provided by the  Check out behind-the-scenes interviews, highlight videos and great articles.

Nebraska Pump-Up – We couldn’t choose the best Husker pump-up video, so we’re giving you the full list!  Click here and enjoy. – Already looking ahead to next year?  Check out the Nebraska Cornhusker page at  This site is so in the know that the NCAA labeled it an official scouting service.  You can check out next year’s recruiting class and see how they stack up against the nation.  (Though Pelini has a pretty good record of turning low-star recruits into winners.  Rex Burkehead was only a three-star recruit when he joined the Huskers!) – If you’re looking for a little extra color-commentary, then Bleacher Report is your home for sports.  Written by a mix of pros and fans, the Cornhusker page is unapologetically pro-Husker.  Plus the articles are just great reads.

Flag Football – Throw on your favorite Husker sweatshirt and get a little dirty with your own game of football this Christmas.  The weather is unseasonably warm (think 30’s instead of teens) through much of Nebraska right now and that means there are a few extra days to enjoy the outdoors this winter.

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