We get pretty excited here at Great Plains Communications when we can provide our customers with a better, faster, simpler way of doing things; whether that is represented in faster Internet speeds, bundling services onto one bill, or streamlining services.

Our Auto-Pay and paperless billing services are a key part of our efforts to make being a Great Plains Communications customer easy and enjoyable.  With Auto-Pay, you enjoy the convenience of automatic withdrawal from the account of your choice with your choice of payment date.  You can select either the 4th or 20th of each month, it’s up to you which one is best.  Plus, with automatic withdrawal, you’ll never have to worry about late fees or missing a payment again!

If you are like many of our customers and want to “go green,” then paperless billing is for you!  If you’re someone who just doesn’t need one more bill in the mail, then paperless billing is perfect, too!  Instead of waiting for your bill each month, you’ll be able to check your account whenever you like online and you can even pay online, too.

It gets even better!  To provide even more incentive, we’re holding a monthly drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card and all it takes to enter is to enroll in Auto-Pay or paperless billing.  If you are already enrolled in either program, then you’re already entered.  If your name is selected as our winner and you’re enrolled in both programs, then your prize doubles to $200 in Visa Gift Cards.

Great prizes, less hassle and better convenience?  That’s what we get excited about!

To sign up and get entered for your chance to win up to $200 dollars in Visa Gift Cards, go to www.gpcom.com/autopay or call our Customer Response Center at 1-888-343-8014.

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