After 44 years, 7 positions and 4 communities, we are wishing Tim Armstrong well on his retirement from Great Plains Communications (GPC). Meeting people from when he was a local manager, to when he was the head of Economic Development and Community Relations, Tim has made connections wherever he’s gone and proved to be a true asset to the company. As District Manager, Kevin Poppe put it, “Tim’s special involvement with Economic Development and maintaining statewide contacts paved the way for GPC to expand their network and services in new markets.“

Tim is a motivator, people person, hard worker, morning person, father, grandfather and much more. Not only has he been a great employee to work with, but many call him a great friend. “Tim has always been very passionate about customers and rural communities across Nebraska and started many economic development groups. Tim has given 44 years of service to GPC and during this time I have not only gotten to know him as a co-worker but also a friend,” stated Sr. Director of Operations, Engineering, Gregg Ptacnik. “One of his favorite lines was ‘let’s just get her done’, normally at a pace which nobody else could keep up with. He is very involved with his three children and nine grandchildren. I wish him the very best in retirement because he deserves it!”

Great Plains Communications would like to say, “Thank you” to Tim for his dedication and loyalty, as well as the hard work he has put into so many aspects of what makes this company successful. We want to wish him well in his future plans and will have to find another way to “just get her done” as he enjoys the much deserved relaxation of retirement.

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