In the last part of last year, we added a new community to our roster!

Fremont, NE can now count itself as a Great Plains Communications community as we recently finished phase-one of a fiber build into the city.  The build provides city businesses with Ethernet connections of up to 10 gigabytes.

We decided to build into Fremont in response to a growing need for large bandwidth solutions, particularly for a new technology park that the city is building.  Fremont received a grant to build the new park, which will include a new data center, but was worried about the cost of bringing fiber into the city.  We provided the build at no cost to the city in order to help them realize their goals.

The Great Fremont Development Council is also very excited about the city’s new access to our nearly 3,000 mile fiber-ring.  According to the Fremont Tribune, the new technology park will bring a significant amount of white collar jobs and new companies into the city.  We encourage you to check out the article, here.

We have already hooked up the Fremont Area Medical Center and the State Department of Roads with rousing success.  Stay tuned for more information about our latest expansion!

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