Why is Great Plains Communications choosing to start a blog?

We got that question a lot when we brought up the idea.  Well, for starters, the blog doesn’t exist alone; it’s a key piece in a brand new way we’re reaching out to our customers.  You can now find us on Facebook, where we provide up-to-date information on contests, promotions and events around the state.  We’re also on twitter under the username:@GPC_Updates and on YouTube.com as GreatPlainsComm .  All of these sites together allow Great Plains Communications to engage with our customers on a direct level.

From topics including new developments in internet access to the Big 10 Network, you won’t find a better source than the GPC- Blog.  You will also find answers to some of your biggest technical questions including: “How do I program my remote?”, “How do I use E-Bill?” or “How do I protect my computer?”.

Since we also value our towns, expect to read about yourselves from time-to-time in our “Community Spotlights” section.  Here we’ll highlight businesses, organizations and individuals who are enhancing their communities.

We hope that you find this blog to be not just useful but entertaining and, most important, worth coming back to.  If you do feel that we’re missing a key issue or you want to nominate someone for a community spotlight, let us know at [email protected].

Thanks and we hope you see us again soon!

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