Are you anxious for October 18, when 21 ranked team Texas A&M takes on 7 ranked team Alabama? Or maybe you will be watching the Kentucky and LSU game. Either way, the SEC Network brings you all the excitement of the Southeastern Conference.

The SEC Network launched in late September of this year and has been very popular ever since. With a TV Schedule lineup including SEC Now, The Paul Finebaum Show, and multiple team weekly press conferences, there is always something new to keep a lookout for. You can expect 24/7 SEC content, including 45 SEC football games, 100 men’s basketball games, and many additional events from the SEC’s 21 annual sports.

Maybe the University of Florida is your Alma mater, or you have a child attending the University of Missouri, no matter the reason, Great Plains Communications is proud to provide you with the SEC Network and the connection to the Southeastern Conference. To see if SEC Network has been added to your channel lineup check out our handy channel guides. Let us know which SEC school is your team to watch.

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