Most Cable consumers will inevitably contemplate switching to Satellite TV.  Sometimes, they’re drawn in by super-low promo offers or are tempted by channel options.  It is unfortunate, however, that many of these consumers will eventually end up with Satellite remorse due to several key problems with Satellite TV that just don’t exist with Cable Television.

One key issue is the means through which Satellite streams the TV signal into the home.  A Satellite signal must travel through miles of airspace before it reaches the home.  During this time in space, there is ample opportunity for the signal to be degraded.  Rain, snow, and even high temperatures can create a signal that is tiled or indecipherable.

Satellite does not provide the level of service that Cable provides.  Great Plains Communications Cable provides customers with technicians that live minutes from their homes while most Satellite customers in these areas live hours or days away from the nearest technician.  This means that when a problem  occurs with Satellite, there isn’t anyone to provide immediate assistance.   Therefore, it is not surprising that both of the major Satellite companies have horrible ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Great Plains Communications Cable customers also enjoy Weather on Channel 2 on GPC-TV.  This is a hyper-local weather feature that isn’t accessible with any other TV option.  Weather on Channel 2 provides 24/7, live weather that will keep you aware of any weather issues coming your way.  Of course, GPC-TV also offers the best in local high school sports throughout the school year.

Satellite customers often become victim to the bait-and-switch pricing structures common in Satellite contracts.  Super-low promotional rates often expire within a few months, while the actual contract locks the customer in for up to 3 years!  Cable doesn’t demand that kind of commitment.  Instead, it relies on the quality of its product to keep customers around!

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