Recently we discussed the benefits of keeping a landline.  Now we’re looking at the newest update to landline headsets that can provide many of the same benefits normally associated with cell phones without the dropped calls.

You can credit Bluetooth with the new upgrades being seen in the handheld phone market.  As more companies add Bluetooth technology to their phones, many of the newest handsets are actually becoming hands free.  Sets from respected phone companies including AT&T and Panasonic now offer Bluetooth enabled phones.  The same technology that allows for hands free conversation on cell phones is now making your home phone calls more convenient.

landline phone for BlueTooth blog

Of course, Bluetooth isn’t just about being hands free.  Many of these Bluetooth enabled phones can actually download your contacts from other Bluetooth devices including a cell phone or personal computer.

If you aren’t in the market for a new handset but still want to use Bluetooth technology, there are Bluetooth adapters that can make any landline Bluetooth capable.  These adapters are capable of sending signals to multiple devices so multiple people can be hands free on the same call at the same time.

Does Bluetooth make your landline more valuable?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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