Recently SPEED became Fox Sports 1.  The change came nearly overnight and left many racing fans in the lurch (pun fully intended!).  Though, we would like to point out that there is still several hours of racing programming on the new network.

We received several calls asking what happened, so here is an explanation of who decides what airs on TV and how they make the decision.

What may shock you to learn is that Cable companies like Great Plains Communications don’t have a say in what shows are placed on any particular network.  We also don’t choose what local affiliates are available in a given area.  Programming is determined by the Networks and local channels are determined by the federal government.

Cable companies do decide what national channels will air in the communities they serve and here at Great Plains Communications, we are constantly working to get the best mix of value and variety for our customers.  For instance, we will always have BTN while a southern Cable company will always carry the new SEC network.

So, how do Networks determine what will be on?

  • Ratings: Rating are an estimation of how many people are watching any particular show.  The more people watching a show, the more money that show makes. If your favorite show suddenly goes off of the air, chances are it had low ratings.  SPEED was rebranded largely because of the channel’s low ratings.
  • Integration: Major networks such as NBC, CBS, and ABC all have sister channels owned by the same corporation.  It’s cheaper to air programming created on a sister network when it comes to syndication.
  • Cost of the Show: Television shows vary wildly in cost.  Scripted dramas might cost millions of dollars to produce every week while Duck Dynasty takes a couple hundred thousand.  The cheaper the show, the fewer people have to watch to keep it on the air.  It’s part of why reality TV is so popular.

Of course, the TV industry is huge and complex and many more variables go into the decision about what airs and what doesn’t.  However, these are the big three.  We hope it helps you understand a little better about



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