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If you are a small business in rural Nebraska, you need to know about Grow Nebraska, a non-profit organization aimed at creating sustainable economic growth by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Grow Nebraska has a variety of ways to support small businesses across the rural landscape through training for in-store and online sales, awareness campaigns for small businesses and conferences held throughout the state.

Shop Grow

For those who are in the retail business, the organization even offers opportunities to sell products directly through the site.  Given that 70% of all sales from Grow Nebraska’s online sales are from out-of-state purchasers, this can be a substantial extra source of revenue for a company and significantly increase a business’ visibility outside of Nebraska.

Flavors of NE

The Flavors of NE program provides incentives to visit member restaurants, retail shops, hotels, art stores and more across the state.  With its passport program, the more you shop at member locations, the more you save.

Training Opportunities

Hilltop Mall in Kearney, Conestoga Mall in Grand Island, and Downtown Norfolk serve as locations for Grow Nebraska’s retail training centers.  These centers teach retailers how to maximize sales through merchandising, Point-of-Sale displays, customer service and more.

So much more

This blog post could easily be 1,000 words long and we would still be unable to enumerate all of the benefits and programs offered by Grow Nebraska.  However, it has a great website that can provide you with a wealth of information about the organization.

Do you know of another non-profit working for Nebraska businesses or do you have any questions about Grow Nebraska?  Feel free to write us a note in the comment section below!


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