Unless you have been living underground, you doubtlessly heard that the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has moved to the Big 10 (which now has twelve teams).  While the move has produced mixed feelings in many about losing the traditions and rivalries of the BIG XII, fans will be getting one very big perk in the switch: The Big 10 Network.

Airing Big 10 Conference content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Big 10 Network shows more than 350 live sporting events each year including about 40 football games, 105 men’s basketball games and dozens of Big 10 Championship games. In the 2008 football season (the latest statistics reported by the network), 86 out of 88 (98%) football games were nationally televised.  No other conference, including the Big XII, had more than 70% percent of its games televised nationally.  Few other conferences film as many live events in HD either.

What may be the best perk for Husker fans is the lack of Pay-Per-View games.  Forget about paying $130 to the Big XII conference for coverage of non-conference games that end up in blow-outs more often than not.  The Big 10 has deals with ABC, EPSN, ESPN2 and CBS in addition to its own network, which provides almost complete coverage of Big 10 football games.

The Big 10 Network also shows a variety of Olympic sports and other international sporting events when Big 10 athletics are not in session.  We can guarantee the Big 10 Network will be added to our channel line-ups in plenty of time for the start of Big Red Football.  For more information call our Customer Response Center at 1-888-343-8014 or leave us a comment.

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