We’re very excited to announce that our partner WildBlue® Satellite Internet has upgraded your speeds!  They are now at least twice as fast as they were before! Here is the breakdown of the new speeds:



Old Speed

New Speed

Value Pak


Up to 512 Kbps

Up to 1 Mbps

Select Pak


Up to 1 Mbps

Up to 2 Mbps

Pro Pak


Up to 1.5 Mbps

Up to 2.5 Mbps

The best part about this upgrade is that it didn’t increase the price at all!  ViaSat, WildBlue’s® parent company, conducted this upgrade at no cost and we’re passing those savings on to customers by maintaining our current prices.  There is also no new equipment to buy!  Everything about our customers’ service will remain the same while they enjoy faster speed.

If you already have WildBlue®, make sure you have the WildBlue® Optimizer installed on your computer.  This will ensure your new fast speeds are paired with improved page-loading and overall browsing performance.  If you haven’t installed the Optimizer, you can get it here:  https://help.wildblue.net/kb/article/1957

Once you’re sure the Optimizer is installed, try out your favorite websites to see the speed improvement.  If you’d like, you can test your speed using Great Plains Communications speed test site:

Are you excited about new speeds from our partner WildBlue®?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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