Schools around the country are taking action to reduce post-prom risks for teenagers while creating a fun all-night experience for students through after-proms.  These events, which are also popular on graduation night, aim to provide students with a safe place to spend the night with their friends.   These events can include food, games and even free prizes. 

We at Great Plains Communications are excited to help sponsor the after-prom activities in the communities that we serve.   If you are in one of our communities and would like raffle prizes for your post-prom activities, please contact Mary Conn at 402-426-6551. We’re committed to making sure that kids stay safe on what should be one of the most fun nights of their lives!

It’s a sobering fact that for many high school seniors it’s tradition to engage in underage drinking or other risky behaviors on prom night.

While it may not seem like a big deal to many teens, underage consumption carries many risks.  Binge drinking, which according to the CDC comprises 90% of all underage drinking, makes you 14 times more likely to drive impaired.  In 2005, 676 underage students were killed in drunk driving accidents during the prom and graduation season. 

Find out more about a new way to help teens resist the pressure to drink from the Century Council here and let us know about your school’s post prom plans below!

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