B2SchoolGraphicBlog1It’s almost time to head back to the classroom and we are excited to bring you something great to help you ace your year!

We’re offering faster than ever Internet speeds to help you make the grade and be your academic best.  When you have faster Internet speeds, you can collaborate seamlessly with other students on group projects using video services such as Skype and Google Hangouts, create interactive presentations with video and heavy graphics with less worry, and pull up videos on YouTube without wasting time on buffering. Your Internet will move as fast as your school life!

Of course, faster Internet has you covered outside of class as well. Enjoy Internet speeds that let you stream video services like Netflix, connect your Smartphone to your wireless Internet connection, and upload photos and download apps in seconds. You can even send files to students and teachers in less time!

To make it even better, we have a great deal just for you.  If you sign-up before September 30th, we will give you FREE Installation for new services, plus you get Two Months of FREE Internet Service!

Call 1-855-853-1483BsAt4ube4GblQIAAAAASUVORK5CYII= or visit www.gpcom.com/school today!

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