Our post is a little off-topic today, but given that it’s about the Internet and football (two of our favorite things), we think that it’s OK.

Back in November, some of our employees went to a conference called “Broadband Connecting Nebraska.”  It was a really great day of panels sharing about the past, present and future of broadband technologies in our state. While we won’t bore you with the technical side (which our engineers assure us is actually interesting…….), we will share stories about the cool ways that broadband technology has affected the Cornhusker State.

Our first story is about HUDL, a football coaching software, created at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  This software allows coaches to upload footage of practices and games and create video packages to send to players online.  The company, which is about 5 years old, now works with the NFL, dozens of Division 1 programs and more than 6,000 high school programs.

What makes this program really cool is how it helps rural football programs.  Schools with fewer resources can now streamline the coaching process and make the most of their staff!  They even help schools find ways to fundraise for the software.

Do you have a story about how broadband access has affected your town?  We would love to hear it in the comment section below!

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