The sun is officially setting on SOAPnet, the network dedicated to soap operas.  The channel has been phasing out of markets all over the nation and will officially be shuttered by the end of summer 2012.  Most Great Plains Communications communities have already seen SOAPnet replaced with Disney Jr., which is also owned by Disney.  The remaining communities can expect to see the switch by June.

Fortunately for those who will miss the network, there is another option! will still continue to live on and will continue to be a go-to source for insider information about popular soaps and nighttime dramas.  Video interviews will continue to be available online, as well.

We know that many customers will miss this unique channel and we understand your frustration. However, we would like to point out that the cable companies, including Great Plains Communications, were not involved in the decision to pull SOAPnet off the air.  The decision was made by Disney and reflects their perception of viewer preferences.

For more information about our brand new channel, Disney Jr., please visit their website at  It’s sure to become a family favorite!

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