Some of our customers’ favorite programming on GPC-TV, our family of local channels, is high school sports programming including football, basketball, and volleyball.

In order to provide hours of sporting coverage every week, we work with high schools from around the state.   Already this year, we have received dozens of hours of footage from schools around Nebraska!

Now, we’re in the last few days of our winter sport replay contest.  We’re asking for athletic departments in the communities that we serve to send in DVD recordings of their winter sporting events.  Schools will earn donations to their athletic department just for having their events aired on GPC-TV. The schools with the most events submitted that are aired will win a $500 grant grand prize.  An iPad will be awarded to the school with the best recording quality.

For a full list of terms and conditions, please contact Casey Garrigan at 402-456-6444 or email us at [email protected].

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