No matter if Easter is a celebration of your religious beliefs, or simply a time filled with sunshine, family and pastel colored eggs, it is quickly approaching. Has your Easter dress been bought? Have the eggs been dyed? Is the Easter menu planned? Great Plains Communications has teamed up with Disney to provide two fun Easter crafts the kids can keep busy with this week.

 Snow White’s Diamond Easter Eggs

With faux gems and shimmering “diamond dust”, these eggs are sure to look just like ones the seven dwarfs left Snow White in her Easter basket. All you need to make these dazzling eggs are:

–          Scissors

–          Pencil

–          Scrapbook paper or other colored paper

–          Glue stick

–          Clear faux gem stickers and/or glitter glue

You can find the rest of the instructions on Disney’s website.

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 Cinderella’s Tabletop Easter Chicks

Soft felt and fuzzy pipe cleaners are just two of the items needed to make these adorable Easter chicks. Let the kids write their names on small pieces of paper and attach them around one of the chick’s legs to create fun customized place cards around the dinner table. All you will need to make Cinderella’s Tabletop Easter Chicks are:

–          Scissors

–          Straight pins

–          Felt (yellow and orange)

–          Orange pipe cleaners

–          Hot glue gun

–          Googly eyes

You can find the rest of the instructions on Disney’s website.

woody easter egg a photo 420x420 clittlefield 078

 Woody Easter Egg

A little more advanced than the other crafts, this Woody egg will be one the kids will be proud to show off to the family. From his colored in face and red neckerchief, the beloved pull-string cowboy will find a place with your family this Easter. For a full listing of needed supplies and instructions, check out Disney’s website.

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