Congratulations to Ponca from GPC-TV!

Members of our GPC-TV staff recently made their way to Ponca Public Schools to officially present their check as winner of our recent Winter Sports Contest!

The school hasn’t made an official announcement yet as to what the money will be spent on, but the school has said they may be used on new banners.

We are very grateful for schools such as Ponca that allow us to provide our customers with the local sports programming that they love.  We believe that 2013 will bring even more local high school events to GPC-TV!  In 2012, GPC-TV aired hundreds of hours of local sports programming, which included football, volleyball and basketball games.

Our team at GPC-TV is always looking for new, local programming.  So if you want to see your school’s sports this fall, we encourage you to contact your athletic director and get him involved!

GPC-TV airs in many of our towns and provides a wealth of award-winning original and Nebraska-minded content.  If you would like to see if GPC-TV is available in your area, check out our channel guides.

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