We’re proud to support two great new programs through a $5,000 grant from our “Commitment to the Schools” program to Verdigre Public School.

The “Seeds of Tomorrow Garden Project” will create a 12 ft. by 100 ft. patio garden to help students learn about nature.  The garden will be an ongoing project and  will allow students to learn about soil, plants and  animals.  The school intends to integrate the garden into a wide range of classes including science, art, computer skills, math and language arts.

The second project is aimed at helping students with special needs, including those who are legally blind, deaf, autistic and developmentally delayed.  The funds will be used to create the “Communications4Kids iPad Lab.”  The iPad supports thousands of educational applications such as TapSpeak Sequence, which has the ability to transform the way a message is created to better communicate with autistic students.

Other applications include Everyday Skills, which teaches developmentally disabled students the skills needed to be more independent, and Dragon Dictation, which converts spoken word to written text.

We look forward to seeing pictures of Verdigre’s garden and watching it grow.  If you’re a proud parent of a Verdigre student, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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