Learn about the largest rating system in the US in the video above

Recently we received a comment on our blog expressing confusion about changes the Hallmark Channel has made to its programming.  While we love the fact that there has never been more variety and programming on TV, it can be confusing to figure out how networks choose what to put on.

The first goal of a network is to put on programs that will draw high ratings.  Ratings measure how many people are watching a particular program at a particular time.  When a network chooses programming it is traditionally done after extensive research about what the majority of its viewership wants to watch.  The more people that watch a program, the more money a network can charge for the commercials that run during the show.   Advertising accounts for more than half of the revenue a network makes each year.

Another consideration is how expensive a show is to put on TV.  Reality TV is incredibly popular with networks due to how cheaply it can be produced.  There are no huge actors’ salaries to pay and production quality is generally lower, which can cut costs considerably.  It’s not just new programming that can carry a large cost.  When older shows go into syndication, the rights to that show must be purchased and that can be surprisingly expensive.

If you do find yourself suddenly losing your favorite show or watching your go-to channel move its best programming to the same time you have to pick up the kids, there is something you can do.  You can send emails, write letters or call the network to voice your opinion.  All of that information is collected and a loud enough outcry has been known to make a difference.

Is there a show that you couldn’t live without?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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