Kids don’t want to admit it, but the new school year is just around the corner.  As kids head back to school this year, we want to take a minute to spotlight some great websites that can make this school year one of the easiest ever!  This website includes links to some of the best resources on the web and includes helpful  tools for kids from pre-K all the way to 12th grade.  In addition to subject-specific information, students can find info by searching for a particular topic such as the underground railroad or classical music.  Tools include how-to’s and even SAT prep materials.  Algebra is when math truly begins to become a challenge for many students.  Fortunately, this website provides FREE help for students including tutorials and problem examples.  It caters to a wide range of needs and also includes a problem solving tool that allows students to get help with the exact problems contained in their assignments.  The English language can be tricky and this site helps make it easier to spell.  The site includes games, customizable spelling lists, and also includes vocabulary tools.  There are 25 games in all, so kids are guaranteed not to get bored!

Do you have a great site to help kids study?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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