Did you know that just a few easy maintenance tips can potentially save you hundreds in computer repair? Great Plains Communications understands how important it is to maintain your computer so we put together a few helpful tips to get your computer in top shape.

Check that anti-virus software is completely updated and ready to protect against the latest malware programs. This is also a good time to make sure that your browsers have all of the current updates as older versions may allow for viruses to attack a computer.

It’s also important to physically clean out the inside of your computer, just make sure to power-off the computer before you do. Dust can find its way in through vents that help keep computers cool. When dust builds up, it can cause components to overheat and break. Most computer cases can be opened by removing just a few screws, and a can of compressed air is cheap and extremely effective in getting rid of dust.

Finally, this is a great opportunity to take a few minutes to organize files and photos. For those with a lot of files on their computer, it may also be time to consider online back-up. Online back-up makes sure that files are protected and accessible anywhere. It’s a perfect solution when you need to access files on that upcoming summer vacation, too! For more information about online backup, visit https://gpcom.com/residential/internet..


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