Greg Dickey has been an employee of Great Plains Communications for fifteen years. Greg grew up in Anselmo, Nebraska, and currently lives in Imperial, Nebraska, with his wife, Angie, of 25 years.  They have three children—Nichole (married to Alec) Adam, and Jeffrey. Greg takes great pride in his family and feels that his family is his greatest accomplishment.

In Greg’s spare time he loves puttering outside, coaching little boys baseball and basketball, watching movies—like Wild Hogs and American Snipers—and traveling. Some of Greg’s great vacation adventures include Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head in South Carolina, Galveston, Texas, Lake of the Ozarks, Las Vegas and the mountains of Colorado.

Greg is a practical joker.  One of his favorite memories at Great Plains is a joke he played on Bill Neely. As you may know, Bill loves to tote around a gigantic glass. One day Bill had just filled it full of tea. Greg noticed that he had left the glass unattended and couldn’t leave things alone. Greg took the glass and black taped the opening to the glass shut. When Bill returned to get a drink he couldn’t get anything out of the glass so he tipped it way back. The vent let loose and gave Bill an early shower!

Greg is a member of the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Imperial Park Board, the Knights of Columbus, an officer in the Chase County Booster Club and a retired member of the Jaycees.

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