Fall is a great time of year here in Nebraska. Big Red football begins, the leaves explode into a stunning display of fiery tones and the new season of television kicks off!
Of course, the majority of new and returning TV shows are on the major networks, many of the best are found on the premiere networks including Starz, HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. We’ve gathered the best of the new (and mostly new) shows premiering on these networks just for you!

The White Queen
Premiering on Starz on Friday, August 9th at 8:57 CT

Anyone who loved The Tudors on Showtime or Game of Thrones on HBO will love this show about the time before the Henry the VIII took power. In a twist from many popular period pieces, this series focuses heavily on the women who helped shape England in the Middle Ages. The series is visually stunning and promises plenty of drama.

Ray Donovan
Airs on Showtime, check Listings for Air Times
Available on Showtime on Demand

Liev Schreiber joins a host of other actors who have made the jump from the silver screen to the small screen. This show, which is currently in its first season, follows an LA power broker to the city’s elite whose charmed life is upended with the release of his father from prison.

Hard Knocks: The Cincinnati Bengals
Premiering on HBO on Tuesday, August 6th at 9 pm CT

Did you spend the summer thinking how amazing it would be to see Rex Burkhead as he made his way in training camp?  Well, you’re in luck because Burkhead, and the rest of the Bengals were the focus of this season’s Hard Knocks on HBO.  The show focuses on the drama and determination on display during training camp.

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