There are dozens of new shows coming out this summer.  Here are our top picks!

Breaking In

Christian Slater is back in a brand-new kind of office comedy.  He leads a group of quirky geniuses who work at a security firm hired to “break-in” and expose security weaknesses before the real bad guys get there.

Airs on FOX – Wednesday 9:30/8:30 c

Premiers April 6th

Human Planet

From the makers of Planet Earth and Life, comes a six-part series about human ingenuity when dealing with some of the harshest climates on the planet.  Each episode is tied to a different climate including jungles, desserts and Arctic rivers.

Airs on Discovery – Sundays 8:00/7:00 c

Premiers April 10th

The Voice

NBC’s brand new take on the now classic singing competition.  Celebrity songsters including Christina Aguilera, Mark McGrath, and country’s Blake Shelton each star as coaches to a lucky singer.  The twist is that contestants are picked based solely on their voice.

Airs on NBC – Tuesday 9:00/8:00 c

Premieres April 26th

Falling Skies

Spielberg comes to the small screen with this alien action thriller that also marks the return of Noah Wiley (DR. Carter from ER!).  With a grittier feel than many other alien-based dramas currently on TV and Dreamworks TV producing, this looks to be one of summer’s breakout hits.  Chalk up another great series for TNT.

Airs on TNT – Sundays 9:00/8:00 c

Premiers June 19th

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