Just about every wireless company now offers some type of  “mobile or cellular broadband” for home use.  These companies tout the service as being as valuable as home wireless networks.  If a cellular company can offer equal speeds to a fiber-based Internet provider, it’s all the same, right?  Actually, no!  In the past, we have covered the dangers of super-low data caps and stability.  Today, we’re looking at the difference in customers service.

Now we don’t like to brag, but according to our quarterly surveys, the overwhelming majority of our customers really, really like our technicians and Customer Response Representatives.  Both groups are rated as friendly, courteous, time-sensitive, and prompt. Those aren’t words that you are likely to hear from those describing cellular broadband companies.

First, there is the proximity issue.  While Great Plains Communications has technicians that live, serve and work in the communities we represent, most cellular companies have one or two outposts per state.  The person who is capable of fixing your broadband may be days away instead of mere minutes!

Second, there is the actual service issue.  It isn’t likely to surprise you that cellular companies aren’t known for their custmer service.  In fact, according to www.customerservicescoreboard.com, Verizon receives only one of five stars for its service.  Business Insider dtermined AT&T to have the second worst service in the nation!  Great Plains Communications consistently outperforms when it comes to custmer service.  We have below average (often no) wait times plus our reps are constantly trained and have long tenures so they’re invested in the company and our employees.

Finally, there is the hometown service issue.  Every year, local companies pour money into their local communities.  From supporting the schools and parades to spending money at the local stores, a local company supports the community better.  National companies that send technicians in only when needed can’t be there to serve on fire crews, school boards, or even flip pancakes on Sundays.  Our technicians are proud to volunteer and live in the towns they serve and we’re proud to support them as they do it!

Have you had a frustrating time with cellular broadband.  Let us know in the comments section below.

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