We have received a report of a phone scam being run in McCook, NE.  We would like to share with you the message received by the McCook Chamber of Commerce.  We urge everyone in our exchanges to be on alert for scams such as this and to make sure to protect themselves!

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From the McCook Chamber of Commerce: A message from the McCook Police Department –

The McCook Police Department has been alerted to a fraud/scam being committed in the McCook area. Persons have reported receiving automated calls on their cellular telephones stating their debit cards had been deactivated and asking them to press 1 for an operator. When the persons press one the live operator/scammer answers and attempts to get people to give them their debit card account numbers. Once the debit card numbers are given to the operator/scammer they use the numbers immediately to drain all funds from the account.

Persons are reminded that banks do not conduct business in that manner over the telephone and you should never give debit card, credit card, or any personal information to callers on the telephone. Don’t let scammers/thieves make you a victim!

Isaac S. Brown
Chief of Police
McCook Police Department

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