School is back in session and for many teens, it’s the final semester of high school! While that final semester of high school can be exciting, it can also be a little nerve wracking as the cost of college taunts. Fortunately, there is help for high school seniors in our communities!

Due to increased awareness and opportunity, more rural students than ever are attending higher education institutions. It’s a trend that we couldn’t be more proud of and one that we actively support.  For example, we help provide reduced cost phone and Internet services to a range of educational institutions.  This has allowed students to take college-level courses online and get better prepared for college curriculum.  Of course, we also provide direct financial support for students.

Every year, Great Plains Communications provides up to $10,0000 in scholarships to students across the state.  These scholarships range from support for technical schools all the way to traditional four-year universities.  Each scholarship provides $1,000 in support for a student.

A sponsoring parent or legal guardian must be a Great Plains Communications customers for a student to be eligible.  The applicant must have a desire to return to their hometown or another Great Plains Communications community after they graduate.  We are big believers in strengthening small town Nebraska! For further regulations and the scholarship application can be found on our scholarships page.

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