As 40 children shared in a failed attempt of holding in their enthusiasm, the sound of jingle bells rang through the atrium of the Great Plains Communications Blair office. The man of the hour had arrived, with his iconic red suit and joyful allure. The elevator opened and Santa Claus welcomed the crowd with a booming “Ho, Ho, Ho”.

Great Plains Communications, has a few ways of celebrating the holiday season. As tradition, on December 12, Santa visited the office with a gift for each child in attendance. Cookies and punch were provided and employees were able to share a cheerful time with family and coworkers.

IMG 97271When the hail storm of June 3, 2014 hit multiple communities around Nebraska causing widespread devastation, Great Plains Communications recognized the overwhelming need in our community. As a way to extend a helping hand and needed cheer this season, the company worked together to raise money for the local Food Pantry. Great Plains Communications is proud to announce that we have raised $5,630. We thank all of our employees for their generous donations.

Along with the Food Pantry, employees worked together in collecting toys for the Blair Optimist Club. The overflowing sleigh of gifts in the Great Plains Communications atrium says it all. Again, we thank our employees for their cooperation and donations.

IMG 9756MD1The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family. We felt there is no harm in adding a little competition to the celebration. This year each of the departments in the Blair office were provided a Christmas tree to decorate. The prize of a pizza party and light-hearted bragging rights were at stake. Ideas from virtual decorating using “The Cloud”, to telephones and mock fireplaces came to life as the departments gave it their all. You can check out all the decorations, Santa pictures and final judging on Facebook later this week.

Great Plains Communications hopes you have a safe and wonderful holiday season filled with love and joy!

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