With ribbon strewn throughout the living room and colorful wrapping paper stuffed in each trash can, you watch as your family enjoys their gifts. A new gadget has been added to the family plan and a handful of movies have found places on the shelves. But what about your wish list? Great Plains Communications wants to remind you that it isn’t too late to take advantage of our holiday promotion.

With our “What’s on Your WISH LIST?” promotion, you have the chance to choose which deal best suits you and your family. When you sign-up for any new service, you will automatically receive FREE Installation and the choice of one of our great additional promotions. If you take advantage of our cable services, you could receive ½ price HD-DVR for three months. Or if you want to sweeten up your Internet Service, you could choose to receive a FREE Wireless Router Rental for three months. The best part is, if you choose to sign-up for two new services, you could receive FREE Installation and both additional promotions.

The promotion ends January 5, 2015, so don’t let this great deal pass you by!  You deserve to check off some great deals this season. Call 855-853-1483 or visit www.gpcwishlist.com to sign-up today!

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