Summer vacation is about half over, but with all that energy running around your house, it may seem like the school-year is nowhere in sight. To help keep those little hands and minds busy, Great Plains Communications has found some of our favorite summer activities provided by a few of our cable channels, the DIY Network, the Food Network and the Hallmark Channel.

Fun-Dough and More – DIY Network

This short video shows you how to make safe fun-dough with ingredients from right in your pantry. The fun doesn’t stop there, because they also share how to make edible finger paint that would work on wax paper or even some yummy sugar cookies.


Guy’s Kitchen Dos and Don’ts with Kids – Food Network

The kitchen is a great place to spend time as a family and teach children new skills. However, with sharp knives and other potentially dangerous utensils and appliances, there are certain tips to keep in mind to ensure everyone stays safe in the kitchen.


Tanya Memme’s DIY Reading Nook – Hallmark Channel

As she states in the video, it can sometimes be hard to pull kids away from the latest technology, let alone to get them to read a book. With this beautiful and cozy reading nook, you can make it personalized to your children and make it a place they will want to visit day after day.


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