Communication technology has long had a history of bringing people closer.  From couples who sent love letters over telegram to the first time a family shared an episode of the Lone Ranger on their black & white TV, these advancements have helped families and friends share their lives.

Today, it’s hard to deny that we live in a very connected world. High-Speed Internet means live video chats can happen between people who are an entire world apart and friends who haven’t spoken since high school can reconnect and find ways to share their now very different lives.  Anyone who has said goodbye to a favorite show surrounded by fellow fans can tell you the power of a shared experience.

Examples such as these are what spurred the “Be Together” campaign here at Great Plains Communications.  No matter where you, your friends or your family are, you can be together this holiday season.  So, if you’re calling your niece on the coast, watching your grandson’s first steps online or sharing “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown” for the first time with your kids, just know it’s never been easier to “Be Together” even if you’re miles apart.

What are some of the ways that you stay connected to your friends and family across the country and the world?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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