We’re letting resident know that Safety Alert Monitors found in some homes are no longer operational and may be disposed of. While most of our customers in state have already removed the boxes, we want to get the word out to all of our communities that these boxes are ready to be recycled!

The devices, which were dispersed in the 1990’s, were used as a precursor to today’s Emergency Alert Monitoring system.  The new system automatically takes over the viewer’s TV when there is an emergency.  The Emergency Alert system has finally replaced the SAM system in all of our towns.

The reason we’re letting people know to dispose of these boxes is because the boxes, like all electronics, must be discarded in accordance with federal, state, and local ordinances. The devices do contain a battery pack as well, which cannot be thrown away in the regular trash. Residents can find out more about electronics disposal at https://www.electronicsrecycling.org/Public/default.aspx.

The devices have not been operational for some time and removing them from a television system will not affect resident’s access to the new emergency system.

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