Using TV and Internet Together

Here at Great Plains Communications, we’re used to thinking about TV and Internet together (bundle anyone?!) but it seems like Americans are beginning to think the same way.

According to Nielsen, a leading media usage and rating company, Americans now spend an average of 3.5 hours a month watching TV and using the Internet at the same time.  Nearly 60 percent of Americans now use the Internet at least once a month while watching TV.

This includes looking up the name of an actor while watching a movie or checking Wikipedia to see if the latest scientific advancement on CSI: [insert city] is real.  It can also include checking out additional content aimed at enhancing your experience during the game.

For example, while watching this year’s March Madness, you can log onto and watch highlights from past games, see exclusive content and even watch the music video for this year’s theme song.  There is even an experimental show called Bar Karma that allows viewers to submit plots, vote on episodes and determine the fate of the show.  (While the show is on a brand new channel that isn’t currently carried in most parts of the county yet, you can watch full episodes of the show here.)

Many popular shows are also working on ways to bring the television watching and Internet surfing experience together. They ask viewers to take quizzes during show breaks, post what music is playing during the episode and more.

You can now even purchase TVs that are capable of connecting directly to the Internet, allowing you to surf the web right from your TV!

What would you like to see happen next with TV and Internet integration?  Let us know below.

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