Kids are about to go back to school and with that comes the return of homework projects saved on the family computer. It’s rare the family doesn’t experience at least one computer failure the day before a big paper or project is due.

To make sure that your child never faces losing an entire project to computer failure, you should invest in a quality backup program.  FileHopper tools create a copy of all of your computer files so that even if your computer is demolished, your files are completely intact.

We recommend FileHopper Plus.  File Hopper Plus, provided by our partner Security Coverage, provides affordable options for full-service data backup.  Unlike many data backup programs out there, File Hopper Plus comes with 24/7 support and can be installed on many computers in your home for one low price.  Once your files are in the FileHopper Plus system, you can access them anywhere in the world from any computer.

You also get 128-bit (commercial grade) encryption to keep your files super-safe and auto-scheduled backups so you never worry about forgetting to copy your files.  To make your computer files even more secure you can also package FileHopper Plus with SecureIT Plus.  SecureIT Plus offers parental controls, firewalls, malware protection and the same great 24/7 service.

Data protection is one of the most important concerns of modern life and we are committed to helping our customers keep their information as safe as possible.  To find out more go to

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