Today’s traditions have come a long way from a family trip to the tree farm, footsteps engulfed by feet of snow, and the adoption of the perfect pine. We now can pick a tree online with the expectation of the plastic perfection holding each ornament with ease. E-cards are now sent out, holiday television specials are recorded to be watched at our convenience, and technology fills our wish lists. Great Plains Communications wants to help take away the stress of today’s updated traditions, so that you can focus on the things that matter most this season.

With our “What’s on Your Wish List?” promotion, you have the chance to choose which deal best suits your family. When you sign-up for any new service, you will automatically receive FREE Installation and the choice of one of our great additional promotions. If you take advantage of our cable services, you could receive ½ price HD-DVR for three months. Or if you want to sweeten up your Internet Service, you could choose to receive a FREE Wireless Router Rental for three months. It gets even better. Choose to sign-up for two new services and receive FREE Installation and both additional promotions.

Don’t let the expectations of the holidays stress you out. Grab a mug of hot cocoa and let us help you check off some great deals this season. Call 855-853-1483 or visit to sign-up today!

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